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After the first adjustment, I had relief of pain in my hips and greater mobility of my lower back.   Also my sciatica and tingling foot on my left side is greatly improved  and most days I have not had pain.   - Sherri

Success Stories



“I am already feeling the improvement of my treatment.  I feel stronger to stand and I feel my posture is realigning.  The support of the team at Living Wellness is invaluable.  Thank You!” - Yoo-Jin


“Before coming to Living Wellness Chiropractic I was beset with continual pain in my right shoulder, my right leg and hip ached and felt misaligned and I could not walk or stand longer than 30 minutes before my back started bothering me.  Since I have undergone the treatments, the pain in my shoulder is virtually non-existent, my hip and leg feel “straight.”  I even walk better.  The other day I was helping a friend and noticed that I had been standing almost an hour and I suffered no back discomfort!  Not only does my whole body feel better, I feel healthier physically and emotionally because I am not focusing on pain.” - Andrea


 “The success of my chiropractic treatment has been very positive.  Recently, I began to feel well enough to join a fitness center.  My energy level has increased significantly and I’m very pleased with the results.” - Edith


“I am definitely getting better everyday! Pain is less frequent and that is a very good thing!” - Chrissy


“I can’t remember ever sleeping as well as I have been these last few months.  Makes a huge difference in my whole day!” - Kristin


“Progress Continues!  I’m exercising three times a week.  Primarily core exercises.  I’m walking and jogging more.  No pain in my left hip or leg!” - Howard


“In the past while working at a computer I would be uncomfortable and I couldn’t concentrate like I can now that I’ve had Dr. Rachel’s help.” - Dianna


“After the first adjustment, I had relief of pain in my hips and greater mobility of my lower back.  Also my sciatica and tingling foot on my left side is greatly improved and most days I have not had pain.” - Sherri


“Coming to Living Wellness has made a difference in my life.  There is no reason to suffer from back pain.  The treatments have helped me be more productive a work.  I appreciate everyone’s help at Living Wellness.” - Tony


“I was a patient of Dr. Harry until July 2013.  I saw tremendous improvement at that time.  From 2013 until early 2016, I served overseas in Africa and had not access to a chiropractor.  I experienced a marked decrease in my health and a steady increase in pain as I worked my desk job.  Upon returning to the U.S., I returned to Living Wellness and the care of Dr. Harry and Dr. Rachel.  After 12 visits, the improvement is remarkable.  Pain in my neck is barely noticeable and all other symptoms such as numbness in my arms and hip pain have disappeared.  I can exercise for longer durations and keep up with the demands of my children.  I expect nothing but increased improvement over the next several months.” - Jason


“Right away I could feel my lower back gaining strength.  Now, two months later, I can say my entire back feels better.  My upper and mid back was very stiff and had lots of pain before I started here.  Now I can say much of the stiffness and pain has ceased.  My neck feels much better.  I think I can even see better.  Thank you to the group at Living Wellness!” - Queen


“Spending many hours in the car driving to my sons Lacrosse games prior to treatment my long drives would result in much lower back pain and discomfort.  Drives this year have been mostly pain free.” -Chris

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